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Toxic Chemical Management
There is a wide variety of chemicals used in our life. In Taiwan, it is estimated that over 20,000 kinds of chemicals are used, and 6,000 of them are toxic. Toxic chemicals are used for multiple purposes. The utilization of toxic chemicals refers to the following activities: manufacturing, importing, exporting, selling, transporting, using, storing and disposing of chemical substances. Toxic chemicals must be utilized advertently or they could pollute the environment, harm human health and cause grae aftermath. As such, Taiwan promulgated the "Toxic Chemical Control Act" on November 26, 1986. The act has been amended four times since its first promulgation and has served as the foundation for toxic chemical management. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has listed 256 kinds of toxic chemicals. 45 of them are forbidden, 135 can be used conditionally, and 76 kinds of Class IV toxic chemicals are allowed to be used.
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